LINCOLN COUNTY – I was very close to Lincoln County recently, and had just a little time to ride around.

I knew I had several stations in the area that I needed to verify. They were under construction, and as such, I didn’t have a very good address to work from. I only had sort of an area or a general description to go on.

First up in the Lincoln County hunt was Howards Creek’s new station. I knew that it was on Highway 27 west of their current station. The guys at Howards Creek pointed me in the right direction, and just about 1.5 miles down the road sat the new station. It looked to be about six to eight weeks from completion.

Then I thought: “There has got to be an app that will capture my GPS coordinates and save them for me for later.” A little searching in the Apple App store found GPS to SMS, a nifty app that will locate your current coordinates and email or send them out as a text message. Just the ticket.

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