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RALEIGH – Today we published one of our first analysis maps.

This one shows the run numbers for Charlotte’s 41 engine companies for 2012. (Station 41 doesn’t have an engine).

Just mouse over any of the red circles to see the engine number and the number of responses.

Up next will be the Ladders and Rescues.

Charlotte Fire Department Engine Company Runs for 2012



RALEIGH – Today we uploaded two brand new enhanced maps focusing on the Charlotte-Mecklenbury County area.

The first is the Mecklenburg County and Charlotte Fire Response Zones map.

This map presents all of the county fire districts, county fire stations, addresses, apparatus and coordinates.

For the City of Charlotte, the individual stations are shown along with Battalion assignments, apparatus, addresses, coordinates and specific Engine and Ladder still alarm areas.


The next map uploaded is the Charlotte Fire Battalions map.

Similar information to the first map is presented but all stations are shown based upon their Battalion assignment.

Review all of the Enhanced Maps here.


RALEIGH – Today we uploaded a new version of one of our enhanced maps. See the diagram above. This one comes from ESRI and features the fire districts of Bertie County.

Contrast the features of this map with the earlier version of the same data from GeoCommons. See the diagram below.


The above diagrams cover some of the features of each map. Each has their own set of benefits. Let us know in the comments below which you prefer and why.

Direct links to maps:
Bertie County Fire Districts (first version)
Bertie County Fire Districts (second version)

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