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CHAPEL HILL, NC – The Chapel Hill Town Council will vote in June whether to approve a new fire station and office complex on 54 East.

The new fire station and four story office building will be located on South Hamilton Road across from the Aloft Hotel. The council discussed the project at their meeting Monday.

The project is a partnership between the town and East-West Partners. In February, the town council agreed to sell the land, where Fire Station 2 is currently located, to the development group.

In return East-West Partners will construct an office building, as well as a fire station, which the town will lease. The town will only pay up to $750,000 of the $3 million construction costs for the station.

Map of current Chapel Hill Fire Stations at

The town has agreed to lease the land from East-West Partners for $1 a year for the next 500 years.

The transfer of the property to East-West Partners will add $42,000 of tax revenue, according to Chapel Hill town manager Roger Stancil. Currently the property is untaxed.

The town also considering housing an EMT unit at the fire station.

Matt Sullivan, interim fire chief, said the new facility would help emergency services better serve the community.

“I think this is a good deal for the town, I think it’s good for our employees. It’s situated in a place where we know that public safety services are going to be needed in the future,” said Sullivan.

For the project to go ahead, the council still needs to approve a land use amendment as well as approve a final development and business agreements, which Sullivan said are being finalized.

According to Bryson Powell, development director for East-West Partners, they are still in the process of finding office tenants.

East-West Partners will present their final design plan the town’s Community Design Commission on May 24.

The town council will revisit the project at its meeting on June 13.

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We are almost finished with one of our most extensive projects to date: mapping the Detroit Fire Department.

In this project, we not only show current (and ever shrinking) resources, we also dig into the glorious past of the DFD.

Detroit built some of the largest and grandest stations in the country. Some are still in use, some are closed, many were razed and many still sit empty and neglected. The city has attempted to even sell some of these stations to private developers and citizens to raise revenue.

Make sure and visit the past and present at

We now maintain a simple list of our fire station mapping projects at



Major updates and corrections to the site, including:

  • New companies
  • Upgrade of BLS Ambulances to ALS units
  • Movement and reallocation of special units
  • New style for District and Battalion maps

Our first App is now available. You can now download “Atlanta Fire” from the Apple App Store and run it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device.


The App was written from scratch and is optimized for iOS 7.0.

Fire station location information and maps for the City of Atlanta Fire Department. Individual maps for Engines, Trucks, Battalions and Former Firehouses. Detail pages on each active firehouse, an overview of the Atlanta Fire Department, apparatus placement and nomenclature.

When in the Atlanta area, enabling location services on your device will show your current location.

Our second App is now under development. It will be focused on firehouses for the Boston Fire Department.

We are looking for individuals that may be interested in collaborating on data for future versions of the fire station mapping App. Just leave us a note from the Contact page.

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